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Diva world trading services is a duly registered company with Nigeria corporate affairs commission, Diva Nigeria rice is a sector of Diva world trading servicesDiva Nigeria rice is proudly a Nigeria company which sole aim is to process and package long grain rice from the farm to ready to use.
Diva rice are stoneless, Healthy, pure organic husk and Chaff free.

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Diva Rice Processing and Milling

MillingMilling is a crucial step in post-production of rice. The basic objective of a rice milling system is to remove the husk and the bran layers, and produce an edible, white rice kernel that is sufficiently milled and free of impurities.

Diva world trading services, mills and process its rice paddy into raw rice for use
Come along and see some of the process we go through to get Diva rice to your stomach.

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Diva soya oil

Diva world trading services is also the marketer of diva pure soya oil.
There are 6 reasons why you should switch to Diva soya oil
1)Healthy cooking oil
2) rich in heart - healthy fats
3)Support bone health
4)Contains omega - 3 fatty acids
5)Promotes skin health
Reduce cholesterol levels
6)High smoke point and neutral flavor making it easy to incorporate into variety of recipes as healthy diet.
What are you waiting for, to switch to diva soya oil

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Diva Premium Palm Oil

Diva world trading services is also the marketer and sole distributor of diva premium palm oil
Do you know that diva palm oil is milled from the eastern part of Nigeria from matured palm fruits with no preservatives added to it.
Are you aware that palm oil has various nutrient.
It has 40 percent of monounsaturated fatty acid, 50 percent saturated fat and 10 percent of polyunsaturated fatty acid. It also has beta carotone that provides it the reddish colour
The carotone content is 300 times higher in comparison to tomatoes and 15 times more than carrots.
Palm oil is used in cooking, frying foods, soups etc.
Palm oil is also used in making cosmetics, toothpaste, lubricants and wax.
It also promotes healing process of injuries
It also provides immunity power. It also inhibits the chances of cancer cos of the tocopherols which are natural antioxidants that help to prevent cancer by eradicating free radicals.
All these can be gotten from using Diva unadulterated premium village palm oil.

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Diva Pure Yam Flour

New Product Alert !!!
100% Pure yam unadulterated,

Distribution and Marketing

Diva Nigeria rice has distributors in various parts of Nigeria and also has room for more.
Minimum start up capital is 300,000 only.
Or minimum of 1,000kg
For more info contact our head office

Private labeling

Are you also Interested in having your own brand of rice, you want to sell in your own name
Diva world trading services is at your service to give you good quality rice at a very affordable price
Do you also want to print your bags,
Diva world trading services can print all sizes except 1kg.
These are pictures and videos of private branding done by Diva world

Join now
Diva Rice Business Traders

Do you want to be a Diva rice trader without selling rice, and at the same time getting returns on your money monthly,

How does it work ?
1) Minimum start up capital is 1,000,000
2) Your trading capital is used to purchase rice paddy, process and trademarked under Diva rice.
3) Rice are bought at 22,000 Naira a bag (state prices change with price of rice in the market)
4) Trading period is minimum of 12months.
5) Investment of 1,000,000  to 9,999,000 Naira gets 4% monthly ROI

6) Investment of 10,000,000  to 14,999,000 Naira gets 3.5% monthly ROI

7) Investment of 15,000,000  to 24,999,000 Naira gets 3% monthly ROI

8) Investment of 25,000,000 a Naira and above gets 2% monthly ROI

9) At the end of your trading window period, there are 2 options of liquidation to choose from
A) sales of traders diva rice and return capital invested
B) trader can pick up bags of diva rice equivalent to traders capital
10) insurance are made on all goods both goods on transit and goods in the warehouse, so traders capital is secured and safe.
If Interested in been a trader with Diva rice, please contact the office or send an email, or call /Whatsapp 09081569183.
Why not trade with that loose change you have, as our scheme is 100 percent safe.